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Having AML taught me to live. For that I will be thankful.

Michaela D
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06 Nov 2014

On reflection, my last blog post was very down in the dumps and I have been doing a lot of thinking. AML has not stopped me achieving anything that I wanted to do. In fact, it has spurred me on to make sure I achieve what I want. It has taught me to LIVE my life and to LOVE it.

I am now 18/19 months in remission and I am loving life right now. My work is great. My friends are great. My family are pretty good too :) My sister is expecting a baby and I am her birthing partner so I have to stay well for that! I have lots to look forward to. I had a week off work last week. I am a teacher, so was on half term and I didn't get five minutes to actually get any rest as it was all go, go, go! But that is how I want it to be. Don't wait for something like an illness or a death to show you to live. Get out there and live now. Do something memorable every day. Create fun and happy memories. You never know when these might be cut short.

On Thursday, I actually visited LLR head office and made a patient experience film. I hear these will be launched next year and I look forward to seeing it. I was asked lots of questions about my experience. These included diagnosis, treatment, reaction of friends and family, fertility questions, my plans for the future- all sorts! It was a really fun morning filming it and the people at LLR made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I am really pretty positive and upbeat in my video- it was hard to actually stop me talking! The main message that I want people to take from my video and from my patient experience is to fight it and to try and find happiness in every day. Something as simple as being a day closer to the end of treatment can be that happy thing. I realise sometimes that there just isn't much to be happy about- especially when you are in hospital and in isolation! But, there really is life after treatment. While ill, I wrote a list of dreams and I am living them now.

Being ill taught me to LOVE my life, to LIVE my life and to LAUGH.

I hope you can find those positive things too from your experience.

Michaela x


(I have included a photo of me on the way up to filming- it was a snapchat so isn't the best I have also attached a posey one of me- I am only just beginning to feel comfortable with my hair- especially with it being so different!)




This blog is awesome! You've already accomplished so much since you went in to remission and have so much to look forward to in the year ahead! It sounds like the filming was a really worthwhile process for you, too, helping to put a few things in perspective. I found the same when I did mine a couple of weeks ago and I cannot wait to see how they all turn out.

Hope going back to school hasn't been too much of a shock and thanks as always for all your support. Andy


Hi Michaela, Thank you so much for this blog, I am so delighted you are enjoying your life and you have an amazingly positive attitude. It was such a pleasure meeting you recently and having you on board with our patient videos. Your interview was so helpful and really interesting - you shared some really personal and insightful things which undoubtedly will be really benefcial for so many other AML patients and their families. I look forward to hearing more from your blogs and hope the baby shower went well!

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