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Having your first blog marked out of ten!

Bill F
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14 Apr 2014

So, thanks to some friends, I have had some feedback on my attempt at writing my first blog

Let me just say that there are some experts out there on the dos and don'ts of writing a blog

Clearly I have a lot to learn !

So eager to please, I want to update everyone on the challenge I have set myself that will help to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research

I have mentioned doing some Triathlons as well as the Bikethon.  

Well the fun starts on the 11th May with me taking part in the Stratford Triathlon. 

I then go to Bourton on the Water on 21st June, before a quick couple of hours of pain completing the Kimbolton Triathlon on 20 July.

So altogether, a few miles of swimming, cycling and running take me to the Birmingham Bikeathon and Warwickshire Triathlon at the end of September

It is going to be fun (this is my way of keeping positive!)

Finally, I can mention the training.  It is going okay.  I am on a six week plan towards the first Triathlon. Some early morning and late night sessions have been good.

And finally my thanks to those few who have donated so far and to those many who have stated they will soon!

Thanks also to those few who also promise to enter the Bikeathon to ride with me.  Now that would be good.

And my mate Dave who is completing the first Triathlon.  It's going to be a great summer!

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