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Healed Whole and Healthy

Amanda Gallagher
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03 Dec 2014

One day at a time......HWH

One day at a time I am Healed Whole and Healthy.......HWH for short!  This has become my daily mantra and has been from almost day 1 of my diagnosis.  It's no illusion or misnomer either its just FACT! not to be confused with want or need, it just is!  Diagnosed with Stage 4a Non Hodkin's Follicular Lymphoma 7 years ago I am still here to share my journey, my thoughts, beliefs, choices and mostly about how powerful our subconscious minds truly are. 

I am no miracle (though some may argue this!)  With free will and choice we can choose to survive and in so doing we are in control of the DIS-EASE it is not in control of US!




Hi Amanda,

Absolutely wonderful to hear that you're doing so well. I think there's a lot to be said for having a positive attitude towards treatment and it's really important to take things one step at a time as like with anything else it can otherwise get overwhelming. Look forward to reading your future blogs about your experiences with NHL which I think will be of real interest to others currently going through treatment.



so good to hear how well you're doing. Ive just been diagnosed so just setting out on the journey.

Stories like yours really help

thanks so much




Thank you for your comments Hilary. I am sorry to here about your diagnosis but a
I am glad that you found my page and hopefully my message will help you one day at a time to be Healed Whole and Healthy. amanda