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Helen Tait - My Story

Helen Tait
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15 Sep 2014

I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in July 2007 and have been in remission since December of that year. I spent 6 months in hospital and was off work for a year. I went back to my job as an Assistant Headteacher, but managed to catch anything and everything that the children had. Because of this and the fact that my future was very uncertain, we decided as a family that I should take an ill health retirement at  the age of 51. This has been a fantastic decision as I have been able to concentrate on getting better, looking after my Granddaughter (on the picture to the right with her Dad) and going on as many holidays as we can afford on a vastly reduced income!

I have always enjoyed organising things and had to do something with my spare time and I wanted to put something back. After a lot of research, I decided I wanted to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. The main reason for this, was that I had met so many brave people in hospital, who were only interested in one thing, and that was surviving, but unfortunately many of them did not. To me the best route to future survival is through better research. As my youngest daughter said " We don't want any other family to go through what we went through".

Together with friends and family we started up the North Northumberland Fundraising Group in May 2009 and have organised all sorts of events over the years. We have various annual events, such as The Party on the Parade, a street party for the whole town which we jointly organise with Berwick Rotary Club. We have an  Annual Quiz, Fun Golf Day and Holy Island Forget Me Not Walk. It is the Holy Island Walk that is my favourite, as this is where I grew up and got married, so it close to my heart. This year will be the sixth walk and it has always proved to be very popular, attracting walkers from as far away as York, London and Wakefield.

This year the Walk is on Sunday September 28th, starting at 10.30, costing £7.50 each or £20 for a family of four. The tide is open from 9.20 until 15.55 and there are various cafes and restaurants on the island. If you'd like to sign up, you can enter online or we'll be taking entries on the day too

Sign up for the Holy Island Forget Me Not Walk



Your walk looks wonderful, I'd love to come and do it one year, this year I'll be starting the East Yorkshire Bikeathon, so let's hope we have a lovely day!


Thank you for sharing your inspriational story Helen. 


Thanks so much fror sharing your story, Helen.

What you're doing is absolutely fantastic and I wish you all the best with the walk at the weekend - I hope the sun has his hat on!


Great blog post.

I hope your walk went well x