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Avik G
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06 Nov 2014

My name is Avik Ghosh, age 46 from Bangalore, India. Recently (1st week September 2014) am diagnosed with multiple myeloma and am undergoing Chemotherapy in Indore (M.P), my home town.

Reposted from my blog:An Old Post dated 30.09.2014


Hope you are doing well.

I need to give you a different news about me - about 25 days back I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma of bone marrow.

Currently am in Indore undergoing treatment.

Am doing absolutely fine and with significant improvement on vital parameters being monitored daily, I feel like a teenager ready to play.

Last friday my brother had a good consultantion with top Oncologist - Dr.Tapan Saikia in Mumbai. A detailed treatment program has been drawn.

4 cycles of Chemo ( 4 doses each cycle) over 3-4 months will be administered in Indore under direct supervision of Dr.Manish Neema, hematologist-oncologist and my elder brother Dr.Sameer Ghosh, anesthist.

Followed up with autologus bone marrow/stem cell transplantation sometime in Jan/Feb 2015 at Mumbai by Dr.Tapan Saikia. This is likely to be a 4 - 6 weeks process.

Post that monthly maintenance schedule and checks to continue in Bangalore.

Multiple other mini medical events based on how I respond and progress around these procedures  are likely.

During this period my immunity will be low and to maintain peak hyegine and health we will stay connected more on wapp/sms/mail/call. Maybe I will also create a new account on Facebook.

Personal meetings will be restricted, handshake, hugs....all..all needs to be banked and encashed with interest later.

Cheers and Warm regards,

Avik Ghosh

Twitter handle @avikreal