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Help us beat blood cancer in your local area

Ben Sykes
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Updated 09 Aug 2018

Hi there!  My name’s Ben and it’s my absolute pleasure to be your Regional representative here at Bloodwise. I work within the regional fundraising team and have met many of you over the course of the last seven years working with the charity. For those I have yet to meet, I’m very much looking forward to catching up with you at some point in the future. 

We’re lucky that we’ve got a really vibrant community here at Bloodwise with supporters, volunteers and Branches all over the country doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things to help us to raise awareness and funds to beat blood cancer. We look to engage and support each and every supporter and event as much as we possibly can and that’s certainly where you can help!

Supporting our regional team

We need Ambassadors to speak on behalf of Bloodwise at events; represent us at cheque presentations; volunteer at organised events or support local branches with their on-going fundraising actvities.

We’re never quite sure what idea someone will have next to raise money for us, we’ve seen it all, from baked bean baths to squash marathons and cake sales to celebrity golf days – you name it!  As a result, that presents a whole host of possibilities for our Ambassadors and I'm here to assist you in any way that I can and find activities that are right for you.

Raising awareness

There are also a number of ways that you can help to spread awareness about blood cancer, Bloodwise and the support and information that we offer. Possible ways that you might want to consider include:

  • Organising a talk at a school or work place
  • Talking to others about the charity and services we offer
  • Putting up posters and handing out information in your local community 

Ultimately, you can do as much or as little as you’d like as a Regional Ambassador and I'm here to assist you in any way that I can. 

If there’s something happening in your area, I’ll be sure to get in touch to see if you want to get involved. In the meantime, if you have any questions or ideas of how you'd like to get involved please feel free to get in touch at, it’s fantastic to have you all on board!