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Muntazeem N
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25 Jul 2014

...What have i got myself in for

.....its been a while since I did the bikeathon, so thought it was time to get back on the to speak. :)

Planning to do the 52 mile route with some great guys from work, Go Team M.A.M.I.L's, however full disclosure.... i'v never ridden that kind of distance before so this could go horribly wrong!  

Few years back I did about 3 events each of which were several weeks apart and about 10miles in length. But since then I have not ridden a bike more han few miles. I know I can do 10miles ok and I felt ok doing it at my pace, so 20 should be ok. but 52 miles.....eeek. There is an option to do the 26mile route, but my team will be doing the 52er so it would be good to keep up with them. So as soon as fasting ends I will have to start my training.  Initially with my MTB (need some road tyres), but if possible ill look to get my first road bike to help tackle this rather ambitious ride.

I Hope to keep this blog updated with my training and if all goes well I should be fit and ready to go by September, so please sponsoring me with as little or as much as you are comfotable with, that way I cant back out !!!




Welcome to the Birmingham Bikeathon team, Munty! Absolutely great to have you on board for this year's ride and look forward to seeing you on the day.

Looking forward to reading your training updates - I found this training guide really helpful when I was getting started:

Good luck with the fundraising too - did you know that if you raise £100 you'll receive a free LLR fundraising jersey as a thank you? These fundraising tips should help you get there in double quick time:

Thanks again for signing up and good luck!

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