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Nick F
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25 Aug 2014

Hi I'm Nick, I was diagnosed with stage 4B Hodgkin's Lymphoma in May 2014, and am currently on my 5th chemo cycle, after 4 cycles at escalated BEACOPP, I'm now having standard BEACOPP. I'm destined to have 6-8 cycles of chemo, dependent on my imminent scans and their results.

I did some research into the whole treatment after I was diagnosed. I found some useful information and experience but still felt a bit in the dark about a lot of it. Specifically information about what to expect with BEACOPP wasn't as complete as I would have liked.

So with this in mind I decided I was going to write up some of my experiences with the whole process, what the treatment was like and what someone can expect. The hope being that if anyone finds any of it useful, then it was an effort well spent.

The plan is to split it up into several smaller posts, I hope this will make it easier for someone to read and follow, and skip bits they don't care about :).

I'm aiming on a post to cover each of these, plus any other i think of/are requested by anyone:

1. Diagnosis and staging
2. Drugs, all the drugs..
3. Chemo week 1 and side effects
4. Chemo week 2 and side effects
5. Chemo week 3 and side effects
6. Living with treatment
7. What now after treatment?

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