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Hill training

Emma W
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13 Aug 2014

Windy Tuesday......

Well, managed to get home from work and get out on my Bike, around the local estate. My aim was to build up my confidence, stability and endurance in readiness for the race. 

it was quite breezy and a good headwind in areas, as well as having to dodge children playing in the road and inconsiderate drivers who think that if your on a bike the rules of the road don't apply........Grrr

Anyway that said I managed 8.43 miles, claimed just under 500ft in under an hour, so was pretty pleased with myself and the pedals seem to be getting easier....

Having said that my new SPD SL pedals arrived and they feel me with fear as well as excitement.  I have decided that I won't put them on for our big planned ride at the weekend but try them with the newbies at Himley on Sunday......will keep you posted! 





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