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The hills are alive...

Kathrin K
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27 May 2014

...with the sound of swearing. With sounds they have not heard for a thousand years...

I love mountains. I really do. But on a bike? Eeek. Not on the list of my favourite things. Much to Bernie's amusement, I caved in on the first hill of our day-trip into the Bavarian pre-Alps. Considering that our first challenge is on sound-of-music territory (literally!) in the Alpine foothills near Salzburg, there is still some way to go to become governess of the hills. Upwards and onwards it is. Far, a long, long way to bike... 



Hills and hill climbs are an absolute killer and require a lot training. They will get easier though in time - don't give up and remember you're doing it for a great cause!


Hills are the worst - especially with wind included! But just remember what goes up must come down and downhill on a bike must be the best thing EVER! 


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