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Ly and Stijn
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23 Aug 2015

This weekend we climbed almost 1600m - more than Alp D'huez - in elvation over three sessions through the blazing sun and biblical downpours! It was fantastic :)

Just kidding, we didn’t really go to the alps for the weekend, but we did manage to climb almost 1600m in elevation spread out over two days and doing 102km! Needless to say my legs are jelly as I write this, and we still have to go get groceries and carry them up the hill (and 4 flights of stairs). Arghhh :) Hey train hard and eat even better for optimal recovery and effectiveness (I love this part of our training schedule! Carb up!).

Anyway, Saturday was a beautifully hot day so Stijn and I set out to conquer our beloved Hampstead Hills, including Swains – pain – Lane, Alexandra Palace Road, The True Muswell Hill and tens of other hills and inclines of all sorts and sizes. After our first loop, we had a quick lunch at home and then headed back out to do the whole thing again! That was 1000m of elevation done and dusted!

This morning we knew there was going to be a chance of showers. Since we have no idea of predicting the weather conditions for London to Paris, and to get used to slippery roads and bad visibility (don’t forget soaked feet and clothes) we headed out anyway. We didn’t even make the half-way point before the heavens had opened and drenched us good, but we soldiered on (albeit a bit slower, especially during the steeper descents).

By the time we reached our final ascent through billionaire’s lane Bishops Ave the roads had become rivers thanks to this perfectly timed torrential downpour. Well we did mean to train in various types of weather, so we definitely got that. Mission (+1500m climb total) accomplished! With now less than one month to go it’s time to give it our all come rain or shine!

A big THANK YOU! to all of you who’ve donated and are cheering us on from the sidelines. No matter the size of the donation, it matters! As for now, it’s off to Waitrose and stock up on pasta (and wine)! :)


Ly & Stijn

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