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A hilly way to get a coffee

Gareth H
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02 Jul 2014

Needed a caffeine fix so I took my Waitrose card to Godalming

Route: Surbiton To Godalming
Distance: 52.74 miles
Time: 3:31
Avg Speed: 15.0 mph
Max Speed: 34.7 mph
Weather: Sunny
Notable Hills: Ranmore Common (x2), lumpy bits on A248 and between Cobham and Clandon
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water, coffee
Stops: Waitrose,Godalming
Pre Ride Food: Crumpets, banana
Post Ride Food: Pasta
“Recovery” Drink: Apple and Rhubard Juice

After stretching my legs on the Maidenhead run I decided to try and add a few hills to the mix. I rode out towards Cobham but instead of following my mate Neil’s route to Effingham on nive fast roads, I turned off and headed down the lanes towards Ockham. The lanes started off with hedgerows and it felt really quintessentially English. I was half expecting the Famous Five to appear around a corner on Dawes Galaxy’s with lashings of Ginger Beer. But as it was Surrey it was a 4X4 and the only Ginger Beer was in the local Gastropub. The road was surface was pretty bumpy till I got near Ripley where part of it had been resurfaced for the Olympics. After reaching East Clandon I crossed the A246 and started climbing Staple Lane, it never used to feel this steep but I climbed to the top and wizzed down the other side which is a real fast stretch. I then headed through some picturesque villages in the Surrey Hills towards Godalming for my coffee. Everything seemed to be uphill on the way back through Chilworth and Albury, and then I got to the bottom of Coombe Lane, this hill was tough, I really should have got a bike with a triple rather than trying to look hard with a double. After a couple of stops I made it to the top and riode down Staple Lane. I’ve only ever climbed up Staple Lane so I’d never seen the view on the way down. Unlike most of Ranmore Common its open farmland so you can see for miles and also see what is coming up hill so far less blind corners.  After that I kept on pedalling and made it home in just over 3.5 hours.



Great work Gareth - you're putting my training efforts to shame! Adding the hill climbs in at this stage will really boost the fitness although you're a braver man than me - keep up the good work and all the best with the fundraising.


Thanks for the encouragement Andy, my legs the next day don't feel like the hill climbs are helping, but then medicine never tastes nice



So true! You'll be reaping the benefits in a few weeks though + you'll have thighs of steel!

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