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Homecomings, haircuts and hypoglycaemia

Jamie P
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06 May 2014

Week 1 training results: 3 rides, 98 miles, 4,100ft climbed

Max has been allowed home! On May Day, the results from his latest bone marrow aspiration showed that the number of leukaemic cells had dropped right off and that his bone marrow is trying to behave as it should. So having come through a round of chemotherapy without any unusual reaction, Max was released from the Great North Children's Hospital on 2nd May, and all being well should be able to undergo further treatment and tests as an out-patient. Just wonderful news for Max, his family, and his Dinosaur Army!

In preparation for what is likely to come as a result of his treatment, Max has been treated to a rather severe buzz cut which it transpires suits him tremendously. He is a big fan of the new look - "My head is all fuzzy!" - and Mum and Dad (Sam and Chris) are quickly getting used to it.

My training has started in earnest. My longest ride this week (44 miles) had me in the saddle for 2hrs 45mins and passing along some new (to me) and quite rural roads. All was going to plan until about 3 miles from home, at which point it became apparent that I hadn't got my in-saddle nutrition plan absolutely right...I managed to coast home, more or less upright, and then mainline jelly babies until the tunnel vision and nausea started to recede! My wife and daughter have promised to provide me with home-made flapjacks to supplement the energy gels and carb drinks on the next long ride! I also discovered the folly of stopping to take a picture of a very attractive viaduct without first checking whether or not there was a sizeable hill to climb immediately afterwards. Important lessons learned for next time...

I have been overwhelmed and delighted by the generosity of friends and family in sponsoring me to participate in the London Bikeathon - I never once for a minute thought that by the end of week 1 I would already be half way towards meeting my initial fundraising target. I am tremendously grateful to everyone who has agreed to sponsor me, and for all the lovely messages of support that I have received. It provides a great source of motivation and I know that Sam and Chris have been greatly uplifted by the good wishes and positive thoughts directed towards Max and his recovery.

Should you wish to keep abreast of the latest developments with Max's treatment, there is a dedicated Facebook page that contains the latest news and pics.




Jamie, this is wonderful news! Thanks so much for the update!!! It's great to hear that Max is now out of hospital after responding so well to his initial treatment and I wish him all the best in his recovery. Training sounds like it's going well so far too... Keep us updated.

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