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Hoping for better news this time around

Moss J
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24 May 2015

After my last post regarding neutrophils sadly the bone marrow test showed cancer still present after cycle 1 so instead of a lovely cpl weeks rest at home I got 1 day with the kids and then back in for cycle 2. A change of plan to a treatment called FLAG IDA. It was a very tough 5 day cycle and I'm now day +6 and hoping above all else that my bloods start to show some signs of recovery this week so I can start seeing the light at the end of this first tunnel-getting home for some much needed family time (and decent food!) that's when I can eat it, everything tastes like nuts and bolts at the moment! 

In the meantime we are waiting for a bone marrow donor which I'm trying not to think about but I know is at the forefront of hubby's mind all the time. I know it's my chance of cure but I need to get out of 1 hospital before I can think of going to another, would be nice to know its happening though....





Thanks so much for the update. I really hope that the new treatment proves successful and allows you to get home to the family soon who you must miss terribly!

I remember only too well the wait for the bone marrow donor which can be nerve racking and trying to keep you mind off it is easier said than done. I found setting myself other smaller targets to work towards like getting home and reading a book or sorting out a room really helped me out.

I've got everything crossed that you find a donor and wish you all the best with your treatment. Stay in touch and remember that everyone is behind you every step of the way!


Thanks Andy. I'm very much setting myself daily targets at the moment as the docs have told me not to try to think about getting home too much or I'll drive myself mad. Sadly I'm just one of those people who likes things to be set and organised so not knowing is very hard for me but I'm getting used to it now! 


No w being told not to expect counts to rise this week, at least another week. 

Its constant, 1 more week, 1 more week. 


1 more week is a long time when you've heard it for 7 weeks!