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Christopher F
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28 Jan 2015

My diary from beginning of cycle 2 to just before cycle 3

The last few days of my 1st 28 day cycle I have felt good and I am delighted to be informed that my condition has improved vastly from the first cycle of treatment with my lymph nodes reducing in size and number with my white blood cell count and platelets returning to more normal levels. It is though far too early 'to start counting my chickens'.

My treatment at the start of cycle 2 went without a hitch. The full 900mg of Retuximab was given this time over a period of 6 hours, but starting the treatment was delayed for several hours waiting for the intravenous solution to be dispensed and a satisfactory blood test check on the neutrafil levels being obtained. The dosage of Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide tablets was taken starting day 1 and for the next 4 days. During this initial period I felt bloated, sick and generally lethargic and my food and drink tasted awful. This seems to repeat the pattern of symptoms experienced during the first cycle; but I was well enough to spend a weekend with the family (Wife, grown up children and granchildren) at a well known local holiday park, although the swimming complex was deemed to be out of bounds for me by my medical advisors. The weekend was a great success with lovely walks and good food with my family around me.

Within a few days of my return, whether due to my food intake or a reaction to medication, I was struck by stomach pains and sickness which continued for 4 to 5 days, the pain being particularly severe at night. Under medical advice I stopped taking some tablets that were known to have side effects that possibly contributed to causing the pain and fortunately the pain subsided and after a few days my stomach returned to normal. The risk in this is that the tablets are there to protect me from infection and stopping these could have resulted in other unwanted compications, it is fortunate this did not happen.

This left a week of feeling well, but cautious, before my 3rd cycle starting. During this time I had an excellent weekend staying in Chester with my father, brother and his family.

During the progress of the first two cycles my body seems to have started a pattern of action and reaction that so far, apart from the stomach pain, I seem able to cope with. It will be interesting if during the 3rd and subsequent cycles this is all repeated. I will, of course, let you know.



Hi Christopher,

Thanks so much for the update. It's good to hear that the treatment appears to be having the desired effect - long may that continue to be the case.

Sorry to hear about your problems with the medication though - has your consultant been able to offer you any alternatives?

We've got everything crossed for you as you start your third cycle. Good luck and thank you so much for sharing your experiences - they're a huge help to others currently going through treatment.


Thanks for your good wishes.
Unfortunately the medication this cycle is more of the same. So far I have had more severe side effects (sickness) but today I seem to have got through the worst.
It is still early days in the cycle, day 8, so much more can and probably will happen.
Regards Chris