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Christopher F
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22 Apr 2015

Great news!!!

My platelet count has continued to be low so a further delay in my treatment was recommended. This was another disappointment but the blood test  was also not showing any disease which was brilliant. It was decided to send a blood sample to Leeds where the test equipment could detect lower rates of the disease.

After a nervous wait, at my next outpatient visit I was told I was MRD negative. This means Minimal Residual Disease negative and that with the latest technology available no disease could be found. GREAT NEWS!!!

This meant that the Chemo-therapy had done its job even after only four of the possible six cycles and for the immediate future I would be back on watch and wait.

I feel a little stunned, knowng that whilst I was not cured I was as near as for the immediate future. My family and friends when informed were all extatic and extremely relieved for me. It has been a worrying few months but such a short time and with fewer problems when compared with that experienced by others.

I feel extremely lucky and thank everyone for their support. A big thank you to everyone.

I will continue to keep you updated on my progress just so you can see that the treatment can give hope to you in your travels with CLL.

Talking about travels at the end of July I will be walking the 84 mile long Dales Way in aid of LLR and should you want to donate please visit the collecting site . Under sponser a fundraiser search for faulksy or Christopher Faulks. The site is run by BT but all your money will go direct to LLR. Thanks again.


Kjell Eldor

Hi Christopher,

Wonderful to hear your positive news! Thank you for sharing with the community. 

We look forward to reading about your Dales Way walk in July.

Kjell - LLR, Digital Team  



Christopher this is absolutely wonderful news!

Great to hear that you're now back on watch and wait and have responded so well to the treatment. Long may that continue to be the case!

I think it's absolutely fantastic that you're taking on the Dales Walk so soon after finishign treatment and wish you all the best ahead of the event. Have  you always been a walker or is this challenge something relatively new? 


I have always enjoyed walking and last year completed the Hadrians Wall Walk in eight days. This was before any problems with CLL. I like, not only the walk and the scenery but also the challenge.
Now I am recovering I can get back into training.


Wonderful news
Brian Koffman


Great to hear that you're back into the training and enjoying walking again. Exercise will really help you with all the endorphins it releases and I always find that a good walk with some fine scenery is always a great method of escapism too.

Good luck with the training!