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Christopher F
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20 Dec 2014

1st cycle update.

I have now had more blood tests and assessment by my Specialist. Reflecting that I feel reasonably well, less tired and with less other side effects, the Specialist tells me the blood tests are better with my white cell count at 11 which is more normal than the previous counts. My platelets are very low but that is to be expected at this stage of treatment and I must be careful not to put myself at risk of any infection. This is, even only 2 weeks in to treatment, encouraging news.

I will continue to take a cocktail of tablets to reduce chances of infection up to my next cycle of Chemo-therapy which starts on the 2nd January. A good start to the new year, something to look forward to. Updates will follow.

Here's wishing everyone who reads my blog a Happy Christmas and hopefully a healthier New Year.



Thanks so much for the update Chris.

It sounds like you've responded well so far and this is all very encouraging. Have a good rest over Christmas and all the best as you take it on in earnest next year - you're not alone and we're for you every step of the way!