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Christopher F
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30 Mar 2015

Cycle 4 to 5

I was hoping to be able to tell that by now I would have started my next to last cycle of treatment. Unfortunately my platelet count was 69 and to start the next cycle needed to be a minimum of 75. So it has al been postponed for a week and on Wednesday I go for more blood tests and I hope the results are better. Not that they were bad last week; all the other levels other than for the platelets were very good so there are many reasons to be pleased.

The 28 days of my 4th cycle passed without any major problems just the relatively low level aches, pains and feelings of sickness. A real change from cycle 3 which was a night-mare. Who can explain these variations in side effects?

Even so, I have now been suffering from symptoms of a cold which I have not been able to 'shake' off. I hope this does not affect my chances of the next cycle starting on Thursday.

So, apart from now wanting to get on with treatment (an end is in site), there is not a lot to report. Lets hope the next two cycles are as little to report about but knowing just a little about chemo-therapy - I doubt it.

Chris Faulks 30/03/2015



Hi Chris,

Really sorry to hear about the delay to you starting your final cycle of chemo. Are they planning on giving you a platelet transfusion?

The chemo and your already sensitive immune system will leave you more susceptible to colds which is incredibly frustrating. I hope you manage to shake the cold soon and wish you all the best when you start do finally start the cycle.

I think it's fantastic that you're sharing your experiences which I know is really beneficial for others currently going through treatment like Jay Wilson who has only recently been diagnosed and is finding it hard to get to grips with everything and is looking for support. If you've got any help or advice I know he would be extremely grateful. Here's the link to his blog: 

Stay in touch and good luck shaking that cold!


Hi Chris, it's Jay Wilson here, responding to your nice comment on my very first post on this site.  I had some trouble figuring out how to "answer" you, but I trust you will find this comment and be able to read it.  I've also now read your own blogs about your journey, and I want to say that I am with you.  You demonstrate how helpful it is to one's own health to keep reaching out to our community.  I intend to do that too!  

I'm not a biker but I do love to swim, so that will be my continuing focus of fitness.  Where I live in Florida there is a fantastic full-size Olympic pool with 22 lanes, so I can always find a free one...and I hate to share a lane!  There's already a little community of fellow lap-swimmers, and I like relating to those folks.  

I'll stay up with your blog, and just want to say that I'd be glad to chat anytime about anything.