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How I found out about the LLR bike-athon

Alistair S
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15 Jun 2014

My name is Ali and I am a university student currently in a work placement at Great Ormond Street. I cycle into work most days and last week I was on my way into work when I saw a man wearing a cycle Jersey with LLR written all over it. I wanted to know where I could get one because I think its a nice way of spreading the LLR name, so I got talking to the man and he told me about the 2014 bike-athon and here I am. 

I have no idea if I can complete 52 miles on a bike but, I am determined to give it a damn good try. 



Go you! So exciting that you spotted someone in a LLR shirt :D - hope the training goes well! 


Hi Ali,

Great to hear that you felt inspired by the jersey and signed up for the Bikeathon - welcome to the team! The jersey is available to buy in our shop at £26:99 with every single penny of the proceeds going directly into the fight to beat blood cancer:

However, as an entrant to the Bikaethon you'll also get the jersey for free if you raise £100 in sponsorship which would effectively pay for research nurses for two patients hoping to go on one of our clinical trials.

Thanks again for signing up and good luck with the training. I've signed up for the 52 miler this year as well so look forward to seeing you on the start line!

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