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How it feels to fall from 175ft

Danny Redhead
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13 Jul 2014

After months of hard work and preparation the big day finally arrived. I have to start by thanking our fantastic sponsors, as without them the event simply wouldn't have gone ahead because as I am sure you can imagine there is some expense in hiring a bungee jump company for the day! Our sponsors were Winterton 2022, Biffa Waste, Winterton Lions (who also provided lovely food on the day) Winterton Iron, Winterton Town Council and the Blakemore Foundation.

I guess being responsible for the day made my jump a little more challenging - being the person that the bungee company was dealing with and the person that they explained how everything worked too arguably could put you at ease, but the reality was it made me feel even more nervous. I always knew I'd be somewhat apprehensive before jumping but I felt a lot worse than I imagined I would.

When my time came after being weighed twice and harnessed up it was time to sit in the crane - I suppose at this point I should mention that minutes before this I had to welcome everyone to the event over the mic - not often I'm lost for words by my head was all over the place at this point. I then handed the mic over to Francesca Marritt a Winterton Councillor who is a huge supporter of our work; she then auctioned off the opportunity to push me off the 175ft crane which raised another £100 for LLR!

So there I was, sat in the crane feeling slightly sick, Hannah our branch secretary was there - I think she only came up to laugh at me along with Nicky the landlady of the Butchers Arms (who provided a fantastic bar service for us on the day) who was the kind person that wanted to push me off the crane...

We reached the 175ft mark and the crane basket is put into position. I was then told to put all ten toes over the edge, at which time I remember say "WHAT AM I DOING!" the height was quite something and by this point sat in the basket the swung with any little movement and nothing in sight other than the horizon I felt a little uncomfortable, the next thing I knew I felt a hand on my back and the ground was gradually getting bigger!

I can't lie about it, I was scared and yes I did scream most of the way down but what an experience it was. I can't really describe the feeling other than by saying it was bizzare! As you'd imagine there was a slight blood rush to my head, but actually I am thrilled I did it. You can watch me take the plunge in this video:

What a fantastic personal achievement it was but also I managed to raise over £700 through my jump. I am so grateful to everyone that donated to see me jump I know that it will make a huge difference to the lives of blood cancer patients.

I wasn't the only person to jump, we had about 40 during the day, from those that signed up and collected sponsorship to the more spontaneous that decided there and then to have a go! We had a fantastic day and the atmosphere was great, we were blessed with the weather - that much so that I'm a little burnt now!! but most importantly we have raised a great amount for LLR, at the point of writing the total for the event is over £2,500 and we have more sponsorship to come in!!
So all in all it was a great day enjoyed by all and the experience was as fantastic as the amount raise. People overcame fears an went on an incredible personal journey! Thank you and well done everyone involved!



Unbelievable effort Danny! You're a braver man than me doing that. I've chucked myself out of an aeroplane but had a guy with me who helped me take the plunge. Not sure if left to my own devices to throw myself off I'd have been able to go through with it.

Phenomenal effort on the fundraising too - Winterton Branch continue to smash fundraising targets and you guys always come up with some really great fundraising activities. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Andy - I think you're braver than me jumping out of a plane, that's something I could never do!!
Thank you for your kind words!

Catriona Taylor

Brilliant, well done Danny! A fantastic achievement. Thanks to you and to everyone who did a jump on the day!


Thanks Catriona! 

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