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How our Support Line and online community is helping patients

Lizzie Goates
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Lizzie Goates
13 May 2016




David Corrin was diagnosed with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) in 2011. Four years later David felt a muscle twinge in his groin while lifting a suitcase up a narrow suitcase on holiday.

Initial test results revealed no significant changes to the MGUS, however physio visits failed to improve the pain he was experiencing in his groin. After another visit to his GP followed by an X-ray and referral to an orthopaedic consultant, David was finally referred to a consultant haematologist who confirmed that his MGUS had progressed to myeloma.

Aside from all the treatment he's since had to endure, one of the things that David has found most difficult to deal with is the fear of the unknown and a sense of isolation since leaving hospital after his stem cell transplant.

After turning to our Facebook patient community for support. David decided to join our online patient community and write a blog about his experiences.

The thing that's resonated most with me is the feeling of aloneness you experience when you come out of hospital. I feel that my experiences can help other people and I really want to give something back after the magnificent care that I have received.

In sharing his story David has reached out to others, offered a real insight into what it's really like to experience blood cancer and provided real hope and encouragement to many patients and families undergoing a similar experience.

We know that David is not alone in having feelings of isolation and we’ve been encouraging others to share their own experiences as part of our online patient community, to help us end feelings of isolation for patients and their families.

If you’ve been affected by blood cancer and would like to share your own experiences please email our Patient Experience Team at or sign up to join our online community and start blogging here.

David’s blog can be found in the Patient Voices section on our website alongside many other amazing personal stories.

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