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How time flies

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31 Mar 2016

5 years ago and my first volunteer role for Bloodwise (formerly LLR)


Today I got one of those little reminder things on my facebook page of something that  I was up to 5 years ago and it was a post about my first volunteer role with Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research as it was known back in the day. 

It was the day that began my association with this wonderful charity and I did it in style. Not only did I get to meet one of my footballing heroes (Geoff Thomas) but It was at a Crystal Palace (the team I support) fc home game. I was invited onto the pitch to stand alongside Geoff and address the crowd and appeal for donations. It was a success as we managed to raise over £3,500 for vital lifesaving research into blood cancer. Not only that but Palace walked away with a win!!!

Since then, I've been busy with the charity in a number of roles which include volunteering, patient focus groups, a clinical trials patient rep on the NCRI AML clinical trials working group and eating cakes with Andy Jackson!!!

Now I am preparing for the London to Paris Bike ride and the training has begun.




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