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How we do it

Dan Henchman
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20 Nov 2014

Revealing how blood cancer works

Developments in technology, computing power and data capture are driving our research forward with unstoppable momentum. We’re able to co-ordinate testing across the country – working not just with clinicians and researchers, but with physicists, data analysts and product developers – to understand what causes blood cancers and how they evolve.

Driving smarter, faster diagnosis

Thanks to the scale of computing power that’s now available, we’re able to generate and analyse huge amounts of data. This analysis can reveal new ways to diagnose patients earlier and more accurately. Our ever-expanding knowledge of cancer biology helps us to diagnose specific disease types at the outset so that clinicians are better informed to get the right treatment to patients sooner.

Inspiring new treatments and better care

Although the number of people surviving blood cancers is increasing year on year, many of the treatments are toxic and can have long term side effects that permanently compromise quality of life. It’s therefore a priority for us to develop cell-based therapies that can stop cancer cells dividing and growing, seek out cancer cells and kill them, and encourage the immune system to attack cancer cells without the use of chemicals that may damage healthy cells too.

We’ve also implemented a Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) to help more patients get access to new treatments more quickly. Our TAP is now recognised as a model of good practice by the government.

Being a voice of influence and championing patients’ needs

We’ve created a Policy & Public Affairs team to be our voice of authority, to work specifically to influence health care policy and decision makers at the highest levels, and to make sure that patients have access to the best treatments and care as soon as they become available.

Building communities and sharing understanding

We’re a strong, diverse community of passionate, talented people working together to beat blood cancer. We have a relentlessly hard-working network of regional branches and are continually grateful for the efforts of our army of unstoppable supporters. The partnerships and collaborations we’re creating with other organisations will help us to make changes happen faster.

Through digital and social media we’re able to support and extend our existing community – empowering people affected by blood cancers to directly support each other, access information and share experiences.