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Hunger Games complete - let the feasting begin!

Andy J
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14 Jul 2014

After 7 very, very long days and far too short nights, I completed my week of fasting on Sunday evening to tick another challenge off my 30 before 30 list.

Of the challenges so far I have to say I think it's been the hardest to date. I knew not eating all day wasn't going to be easy but stuffing your face late into the night is actually much harder than it looks! Obviously I was ravenously hungry at the outset when breaking the fast but I found that I got full up surprisingly quickly, especially later in the week, and shovelling in the extra calories actually became a bit of a chore.

I think part of my problem was that I didn't go into the week with any real tactics or having read up on the best ways to go about it as a result I ate a lot of rubbish in the main. In fact in 7 days I ate more fast food and takeaways than I'd usually eat in a month. I had pizza THREE times, the world's most enormous Indian and cooked just TWICE (well once actually - the second night was re-heated spag bol left overs!)  

I also went out on three of the nights. Turns out sitting around watching friends eat and drink while you run the clock down is torture - who knew?! It also baffles the hell out of restaurants and takeaway delivery men alike. When I rang up for the Indian takeaway they just didn't get the concept whilst the waiter in the pizzeria couldn't understand why anyone would ever voluntarily put themselves through some torturous. Looking back I think he may have had a point!

Lessons learnt

So, what did I learn from my week of fasting? 1. Don't go beserk on alchohol would certainly be one thing as doing fasting with a hangover on Saturday was absolutely horrendous - my hardest day by some distance. 2. Keep busy as this really takes your mind off not eating. I found this out the hard way at the weekend where I didn't plan to do anything and as a result all I could do was think about food.

More importantly I learnt how much I love REAL food. After a week of fast food, I cannot wait to start cooking and eating healthily again, beginning tonight with a salmon stir fry.

Last and by no means least, I now appreciate just how disciplined and dedicated to their faith Muslims are to be able to do something like this. It took all my will power to see the week and yet they're doing this for five weeks, many without water during the day. I genuinely don't know how they do it and I have nothing but respect now that I've given it a go.

For those still fasting, here's a few things you can look forward to when you finish on the 27th (or before if you decide to stuff your face on them after sunset like I did!):

That's now EIGHT challenges off my list which is ok but I'm running out of time and am really going to have to get moving to be able to tick them all off before October. Next on the list is attempting a man v food challenge - watch this space!

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Andy you're a legend mate! Really proud of you, just shows you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. For someone who's never fasted to go straight into fasting during the summer is a HUGE achievement. I respect you even more than I already did buddy. Treat's on me after Eid!
Catriona Taylor

Well done Andy! Hope you enjoyed your salmon stir fry :)


Mmmm. Funny that I probably wouldn't eat any of the dishes in the last 3 images due to my diet plan, but maybe I'm being too picky...

Regardless, very well done to you. Not many people are willing to take on such a challenge, and you seemed to pull through it surprisingly well for someone who has never done it before. Much respect where it's due.


Thanks mate - hope the new job's going well and Ramadan isn't taking too much out of you? Seriously do not know how you and Abdul are able to do this for an entire month. Massive respect.


Thanks Catriona!

The stir fry was SO SO GOOD although, I have to confess, wasn't a patch on the bacon sandwich!!


Thanks Abdul.I've got so much respect for you doing this - I really struggled towards the end of the week, especially at the weekend. Haven't ruled out doing it again but don't think I'd be able to hack doing the entire month!


As always Andy I am totally in awe of the challenges that you put yourself through - well done !!! Ps love YOUR blog by the way


Kate :)

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