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I am Tony's Wife

Tonys Wife
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12 May 2015

ALL - three little letters that changed our life this weekend.   I had never heard of this phrase before.  ALL.  ALL.  It has taken over our life.  ALL.  I hate it.

Tony is my husband and he was diagnosed four days ago.  Suddenly we are plunged into the furor of diagnosis and treatment and shock. Shock at the diagnoses.  Shock at it happening.   Shock at the fantastic support the Cancer Hospital and our friends and family are giving us.

Shock at the way our lives are tumbled upside down and will never quite be the same again.




Faced the same 18 years ago with my daughter. I recently posted a piece I wrote at the time for newly diagnosed parents and whilst aimed at them may help. Today is scary and so is tomorrow and the day after, but there is a future and it does get better for most, sadly not all. Have a look it's called "Your Child has Leukaemia" and appears on about page 3 of the community blog page.
Remember you are not alone, we didn't have this support system when we went through this but what we did have helped so make use of it.




Thanks for your message.     Its a terrible thng to deal with and really wierd him being an Adult getting whats usually seens as a childhood disease!     We are just treading through the treacle of the quagmire at the moment and finding some lovely little places of safe haven.   I am sure we will be facing dark days ahead, but knowing other people have come out of it the other side somehow helps and gives us hope.




I'm really sorry to hear about Tony's recent diagnosis which understandably came as a massive shock. Diagnosis is without doubt the most difficult time for patients and their families as there are so many things to get your head around at a time when your emotions are all over the place.

It's really important to appreciate that you are not alone in all of this and that support is out there if you need it. For starters we have some excellent information available to help you get your head around ALL and the possible treatment options:

You may also find that reading blogs by others that have been through ALL will help. We have a number of patients with ALL who have shared their stories and I'm sure would be more than happy to speak to answer any questions you may have if you leave a comment. You can browse through our patient stories here:

Later this year we'll also be launching a forum for patients to post topics and have conversations but in the meantime there are also a number of support groups on Facebook which you might find useful including:

I hope all this helps and wish Tony all the best as he begins his treatment. Stay in touch and remember that we're here to help in any way that we can.


Hi Sylvia,

I'm so sorry to hear about Tony's diagnosis - as Andy says this must be the hardest time but I'm glad to hear you're getting some good support.

If you could like some factual information about ALL can I recommend our booklet which we've just re-written in collaboration with leading experts and patients.

It's available as a download here or you can order a free printed copy here

We're currently in the process of updating the information about ALL on our web pages so the booklet has the most current and useful information.

With best wishes,



Hello Sylvia,
My name is Alison and on the 12th of April 2013 I faced the same news as your husband. I was told I would go for transplant from the beginning due to counts etc. the good news is it will be 2 years in September since my BMT and I'm off on holiday to Florida this summer. You will feel numb for a while but you will slowly pick yourselves up and fight hard. I could never get my head around having the children's type of cancer...child at heart perhaps??! Good luck and if I can help in any way get in touch. Stay positive, it helped me and my husband and children get through.
Best wishes,
Alison x