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The Ice Bucket Challenge

Andy Jackson
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22 Jul 2014

It's been hot recently. Really hot. Too hot, in fact, which is why we'd like to encourage you to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge which will cool you down, raise awareness and help us raise money to beat blood cancer all at the same time.

How does it work?

The premise of the Ice Bucket Challenge is simple - challenge someone to have a bucket of ice cold water poured over the head in exchange for a small donation to help us beat blood cancer. All you need is a bucket of ice cold water, a willing participant (or victim) and the desire to have fun doing something silly for a worthy cause like the incredible Paul Whyman and the rest of his fundraising funsies:

How can I get involved?

Follow these FIVE easy steps to get your Ice Bucket Challenge underway:

  1. Choose your Ice Bucket recipient* - preferably someone who is a little hot under the collar and in need of a cool down!
  2. Set up the challenge - create your recipient's Ice Bucket Challenge fundraising page using Pledgeit.
  3. Place your bets - get the ball rolling by making a pledge on your friend's fundraising page and encourage others to do the same
  4. Drench your friend - Give your friend the ice cold bucket treatment that you think he/she deserves.
  5. Make your donation - once you're satisfied that your friend has successfully completed the challenge (they'll need photographic/video proof to back up their claims) you'll be left with no choice but to tick the challenge as complete. At this stage any pledges made will be taken with 100% of the profits going straight into the life-saving research that is helping us beat blood cancer.

*BEWARE by being the one who chooses a target you strongly increase your chances of becoming the next to be challenged as once your friend has successfully completed the challenge he/she has the power to nominate the next person to take on the Ice Bucket!

Spread the word

We don't want you to stop once you've completed the Ice Bucket Challenge. Help us make a splash by sharing your photos and video clips of successful challenges with your friends and family on social media using the hashtag #icebucketchallenge. We'd also love to hear about your Ice Bucket exploits! Tweet us @beatbloodcancer or post a message on our Facebook wall.

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