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If the goal is noble, what we must do is to strive and persevere and never give up

Jay M
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20 Sep 2014

Final Blog before Birmingham's inaugural Bikeathon 2014.

Hello! The day is almost upon us, the challenge awaits. 

I have trained regularly, extending my cycling distances, developing my stamina, using yoga to balance out the cycling's intensity to soothe and stretch weary muscles.  I have lost over a stone in weight, I'm eating better and drinking plenty of fluids - and I aim to continue this after the Bikeathon :-)  I have worked really really hard over the last couple of months and I am blown away by the love and kindness I have received from family and friends far and wide.  

I have raised (online donations plus the traditional offline sponsorship forms) a total of £305 plus a further £42 in Gift Aid!!!! I have reached my target!!  THANK YOU! I can't believe it!!  If only I'd known that all I needed to do was offer wax my legs via social media!!!!!!!! I proffered a little bit of vicarious sadism and the donations came flooding in ;-)  Dirty critters the lot of you.

So I'm sitting here, with lovely silky smooth hairless legs, prepped and ready for the ride of a lifetime tomorrow.  And I feel like total crap.  I've come down with a stinking cold, I'm achey and stuffed up;  could the timing be any better??  

Ah well, I'll eat a good breakfast in the morn, take some painkillers and plenty of fluids and then me and my silken limbs will be on our way.

Wish me luck!

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support and generous donations - I really couldn't have done this without all of you. My very best wishes to you all,