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13 Dec 2016

IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER is my memoire of my wonderful short time with Mark. A love story taking you through our beautiful 6 years together, the 2 weeks spent in hospital ever hopeful Mark would be ok. The shock at suddenly losing him and being flung from the Merry-go-round of life. My struggle to face tomorrow, finding Hendrix my life saver and slowly over time beginning to find me again and a new life with out Mark.

On19th March 2010 after My husband Mark becoming poorly for just 40 days my world was destroyed, my heart shattered and I became a 40 year old widow.

I spent many many days, weeks and months unable to comprehend life. I had gone from being a very happy go lucky girl in love with my best friend exploring the world and loving life to a shrunken existence of bed, shower, sofa, bed, sofa, bed. I gradually began to open my weighted eyes to search for some kind of new future and existence.

I realised I needed a purpose that would involve giving Mark the memory and legacy he so deserved.  After initially holding my first MHA Memorial Golf day in 2012 which was an amazing success in 2013 I set up The Mark Henry Archer Tribute Fund and began planning and oganising events ranging from Quizzes, coffee & cake days, more Golf events, Paws to Beat dog walk organised by Hendrix  & Audrey my gorgoeus Cavaliers and more. In 2015 I began an annual challenge facing fears & hard challenges. My first was a team of 26 Climing the O2 and this year walking The Thames Path Challenge. Next year there is so much more to come.

I have set myself a challenge to raise £50k by the time im 50 in 2019

In July 2015 I took a very deep breath, drove to the Shropshire Hills and joined a week long writing course. On my drive down full of tears I was extremely anxious and apprehensive feeling unworthy of being in the company of aspiring writers.

During my week I absorbed my lectures, became part of the group, listened to my piers and began to write. Returning home I fashioned a writing room and continued to write day and night, my story poured out. I became friends with the infamous writers block. I walked miles with Hendrix & Audrey finding reflection and thoughts. I kept on writing.

Some dear friends became guinea pigs and read the first draft of each part of this love story. With tears, honesty and encouragement I continued writing until the 18th August 2016 when I typed THE END.

Through a friend at work I found a link to finding a path to self publishing. My project manager Thomas has given me guidance, help and his professional knowledge and skills. Thomas turned my manuscript into my beatuiful book.

The book titile has also become a song. Colin has written the beautiful lyrics and the band Long Way Back - Colin, Steve, Dave and Glen scribed the accompanying music.

Spending a day with the band at Echo 7 Studios and somehow becoming backing singers, magic has been sprinkled and IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER has an original and candle light version to enjoy.

On Monday 5th December I had an intimate gathering to launch IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER a very special evening raising fizzing glasses of prosecco, book purchases, hearing the song for the first time, signing copies of my book and mingling with some very dear friends, family and supporters.  

The song now has a lovely video released on YouTube. I have since been asked to write an article for an online magazine and on Monday 12th December my article was published. Along with MHA facebook page there is now a Website for IF ONLY WE HAD FOREVER and updates on all events. 50% of profits from my book and 100% of profits from the song go to The Mark Henry Archer Tribute Fund at Bloodwise.

Somehow my story and Marks memory keeps on growing. A writer, published Author, a backing singer of sorts and a girl who is determind to make Marks legacy help others so he didnt leave this world in vain and one day no one will have to have their hearts shattered and lives destroyed.  

With the magical dreams I have, who know where and what will happen next. All I know is I will continue to raise awareness and funds for MHA Tribute Fund at Bloodwise and strive to BEAT BLOOD CANCER.



If Only we had forever book launch
Signing copies at my launch, very strange feeling.
A Selfie before selfies where selfies!
The Mark Henry Archer Tribute Fund at Bloodwise

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