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I'm back where I started

Andrew B
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16 Apr 2014

In December 2010 I was mourning the loss of my Mother who had passed away due to breast cancer only a few months previously. Whilst I was at work as a truck driver I had noticed that I had become increasingly fatigued and breathless doing my duties. Also I had been getting some nasty fevers. So I visited my GP for a routine blood test and forgot about it thinking that I had caught a bug.

Within the next few days I received another call from my GP with an alarmed voice he told me to get to the nearest A&E and ask for a blood test as my blood counts were extremely low - some of the lowest he could recall. At this time I was in the middle of Wales working on my Mother's house. When I got to the A & E they remarked on how white I looked and told me to take a seat.

After an overnight stay and a bone marrow test, I remembered being wheeled onto another ward. It was the same ward that my Mother had received treatment on - the cancer ward. Then it hit me that something was seriously wrong. Why had I been taken here??? After speaking with the consultant she confirmed the almost unbelievable news that I had acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and I would need to start chemo immediately to save my life!

After three rounds of chemo I was in remission but they explained to me that my best chance of beating this was through a Bone Marrow Transplant. So the search was on for a donor. After my brother was tested and a worldwide search, they found a match for me. This was obviously great news but a couple of weeks down the line I had some more devastating news - the donor had pulled out.

With no other donor available worldwide there wasn't much more they could do. They continued to monitor me and I remained well and in remission for nearly three years and enjoyed myself traveling and having new adventures in work and out. I was trying to make the most of life!!

Which brings me to today. My consultant confirmed what I never wanted to hear - that I'm in the early stages of relapse. So I'm back where I started. I'm starting treatment in the next few days but I'm feeling positive...

More research needs to be done to beat blood cancer to give people like me and all the others affected hope and more time. It can happen to anyone. You shouldn't think “it won't happen to me, I'm ok.” That’s what I used to think.



Hi Andrew,
I just came across your post. I just got the dreaded news- I have relapsed from AML. I just got my stem cell transplant 8 months ago, I can't tell you how disappointed I am. Would you be willing to share how things are going with your new set of treatments? I completely understand if you don't, you have a lot on your plate. Either way, I wish you the very best. Stay strong, you aren't alone.

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