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An incredible day full of wonderful memories!

Emma Boffey
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22 Jul 2014

I have completed 30k for 30 years! Can't believe I did it! Thanks for all your support!

I did it! Still can't believe it and I have fully recovered now! It was a wonderful day and it was great to have lots of people cheering me around the route, especially as the heavens opened! However I was glad of the rain, even though I looked liked a drown rat! It was easier to run in the rain than the baking hot sun! 

My support team consisted of my Dad in the support car, who did a brillant job at controlling the traffic and Ben Reinhardt on his bike, who was great at keeping me topped up with water! Running with me was Kate Harper, Jonathan White, Frank Goodwin, Andy Williamson, Ben's friend Adrian, my sister Tricia and my cousin Matt Wright. 

I started at 10 am (Nantwich Swimming Baths) with a fantastic countdown by my dad's friend Jim! I was joined on the first 10k by my best friend Kate and Jonathan White who got my story into the local press. The route took me around Nantwich and then down to Ravensmoor where Kate and Jonathon finished and Frank,  Andy and Simon joined me. We then ran to Wrenbury where my brother used to play football and then into Aston where my sister joined me. Matt was running late and by the time he arrived in Aston, we were 15 minutes in front. His mum offered to drive him to catch up, but Matt being Matt said; "No, I've here to run 10k so I'm going to run 10k!" Matt then sprinted to catch up with us and I can't believe he caught up with us!

Looking a tad wet!!!!!

The run then took us into Audlem past my brother's old primary school and in the last 10k we had 3 hills to climb!! We then ran to home where we finished at 2pm and my mum and the South Cheshire Branch had tea and cakes on offer! It was great to see so many friends and family at the finished cheering us home! 

The finish line!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to say a BIG thank you to my support team, especially to Frank, Andy and Simon who ran 20k! All of you did an amazing job! Thank you to everyone that came out in the rain to cheer me during my challenge! 

After the run I then recovered and got ready for the party in the evening at Audlem Public Hall. My sister's friend Ruth donated 200 cupcakes for us below:

They were really tasty! Thank you Ruth! 

It was a such a special and emotional day and it was brillant to see so many of my brother's old friends!
A BIG Thank you to everyone for all your support! We have raised over £4000, which is amazing! It will go a long way to help patients with a blood cancer! To see my fundraising page, please click here.

Finally I wanted to share this lovely photo from Ruth:



Well done Emma xxxxx


Emma we're so proud of you, your family and friends, there must have been tough moments physically and mentally but you came through, there is no doubt that you are here to change the world!
Thank you


Well done Emma, that's so amazing.  I know you've put in a lot of hours for the run and i'm pleased that you had some nice cooling rain.  Emma -Jane x 


Am so proud of my girls!
Well Done Emma & Tricia, all your hard work has paid off & I do believe we`ve just crossed the £3000 mark!
Thank you to family & friends - particularly Will`s mates from Brine Leas & Nottingham Trent who made the Party, was overwhelming to meet up with you all again.
A fab end to a fab day.
Have had a request - `how about 40 km in 2024` !!!!!!!!


Amazing, well done Emma x 


Well done Emma! What an amazing effort and fitting tribute to your brother!

Expect a donation from me shortly :)


Thanks Andy! :)


Thanks Claire :)


Thanks Emma :)

Catriona Taylor

Amazing, well done Emma! Fantastic to see the fundraising is over £3,000 :)