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Rebecca Dicks

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Rebecca Dicks
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Rebecca Dicks
06 Jun 2015

Hi my name's Rebecca. I'm the Patient Information Officer for Bloodwise responsible for producing our patient information. I'm also your point of contact for all information related queries and will be in regular touch with you to get your feedback on our information and gather your views on how we can improve the information that we offer patients and their families.

How you can get involved?

One way of getting involved immediately is by being a user tester for our very exciting new digital project, Blood Cancer Connect.  This is a website working to support people through their blood cancer experience.   We are still at the very beginning of this project, and we are keen to listen to your thoughts at this early point so we can make sure we continue developing the site in line with your feedback.  What this involves is completing a survey, and leaving feedback on the site itself which I explain more below. 

On the site, you will find information from a variety of different sources, and we are working to ensure that people find both the most relevant, and the most supportive information available for them.  For now, we are aware we don’t have all the information available (particularly for the rarer blood cancer conditions), and some information is not necessarily in the right place, so don’t be surprised if you come across an article you don’t expect!

We have spent time looking at the design of the front page, but haven’t yet designed much behind this.  However through exploring the site and telling us what you think about the way it looks, the content, how you feel as you use it, what you find valuable and effective, and importantly the areas that are not quite right or need more work, we can begin to grow Blood Cancer Connect into a really informative and supportive tool for people at any stage of their blood cancer experience, particularly for people who have been, or know someone who has been, recently diagnosed. 

Steps for you to leave your feedback about the site: 

1)  We have put together a survey which takes you through certain features of the site and asks questions around how you would use them, and whether you think they’re useful. Please access the survey using this link:

2)  Towards the end of the survey, you will be asked to explore the site itself by copying and pasting a link.  If you have any difficulties here you can do this by following this link: – don’t forget to finish the final survey questions though. 

3)  On the site you will see a blue feedback button at the bottom of each page, where you can leave general comments about each page, or more specific comments about certain elements you come across.   

Remember we are not testing your skills or knowledge; we are testing how the site works, and the way it is used.  Leave as much feedback as you like, and be as honest as you can be!

*We would appreciate it if you didn’t share this link because if it is accessed by someone recently diagnosed, feeling frightened or seeking support,  Blood Cancer Connect could be at this stage more confusing than helpful as it is not yet finished.

We will be collating initial feedback for the next 30 days, and will keep you updated about further developments and feedback opportunities throughout the summer. If you have any questions about testing Blood Cancer Connect at any point, or if you would prefer not be updated, please do get in touch on and one of the team will be happy to help.   

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