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Inside view from the Crew - Glasgow

Ruth M
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14 Apr 2012

Outside the Malmaison hotel, Sir Ian has spoken to the media and the press have taken their photos.

Todays Local Heroes, 4 year old Rebecca Foley and 4 year old Ben Magee are ready for the start. The morning chill gives way to spring sunshine. We are off.

The city centre is busy, and the public were generous, as the collecting buckets began to fill.  The police escort allows us to keep moving with our walk manager, Sarah B, quickly reminding the Glasgow constabulary that we CAN walk through traffic lights - even on red. Nothing  stops Beefy.

The 11 mile walk to Drumpellier Country Park takes around two and a half hours with Neil Lennon joining over 100 walkers  for the final hour.

"Its quite a pace isn't it? I was expecting more of a stroll!" the Celtic manager commented. "Keeping up was a struggle but what a privilege to walk with him.

"This is such a great cause and the progression in the curing of the illness has been rapid. Much of this is down to the hard work of Sir Ian"

Beefy was pleased with a great first day. "Putting a smile on Rebecca and Ben's face gave  us great satisfaction. We have been blessed with the weather and had a great turn-out from the public. Its been a great day". 


Written by Big Gaz Smith (dedicated crew member)

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