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Inside view from the Crew - Leeds

Ruth M
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18 Apr 2012

Its Day 3.

Saturday morning at the Leeds Malmaison hotel and it's cold - very cold! Beefy and the gang have fleeces, hats, and only the foolhardy wear shorts (myself included).

Today's local hero is 13 year old George Jackson who is joined by his mum Caroline today.

The walk headed out of the city towards Featherstone just as the pubs were just getting busy for the Rugby League match and we managed to collect very well from them all.
Thanks lads.

So how does the walk work? Well, the vehicle that follows Beefy and the boys is driven by Sandra at 4.5mph (Sandra's husband Mark Stephenson is walking every step of the 10 days!). The rear vehicle provides protection, plus a lot of love and affection, for the walkers. It also doubles as the mobile doctors surgery, featuring the almost legendary physio, Dave 'Rooster' Roberts.

Rooster can often be heard over the PA system encouraging the public to donate and fill the red collecting buckets. Nobody escapes his eagle eye!

The public walk is very well attended. It finishes at Nostell Priory and features fields, lakes, swans, and 4 miles of steady walking.

Day 3 is over. 

Big Gaz. 

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