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Inside view from the Crew - Manchester

Ruth M
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18 Apr 2012

Day 4.  Manchester 
'Its a marathon, not a sprint'

The walk begins at out sponsor's hotel, the Malmaison. Beefy always seems to be able to draw the good weather, and true to form Manchester enjoyed its first rain free day of the year. Today's local hero four year old Maisie Whitworth was joined by her parents Ian and Lisa. From the city we head towards the footballers paradise of Alderley Edge and Knutsford. Collecting is again very good as it has been every day.

On the walk, in front of Beefy, there is a 'Lead car'. This is driven, and has been for over 20 years by Eileen Henderson. It's not an easy job (apart from the heated seats). Staying just in front of the walk group, sticking to the route, sticking to the speed! The boot is always open, and full of water, energy drinks and allegedly the Rocket Fuel (see blog day 2).  Also in the boot are Beefy's waterproof jackets and gloves, and the buckets that the collectors tip the collected cash into.     

The finish in Tatton Park was spectacular. We were joined by the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research's former director of fundraising Kate White who walked all four miles.

Today was 26 miles. It was a marathon, but a superb day for everyone. Day 4 is over.

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