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Inside view from the Crew - Newcastle/Gateshead

Ruth M
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17 Apr 2012

The Geordie Quayside is the start of the second day, and there is no fog on the Tyne this morning.   After another great send off, Beefy and the walkers cross the famous river in glorious sunshine, and begin the climb out of the city.

We were escorted by two wonderful police horses who quickly learnt that they had  to go at the walk pace of 4.5 mph, slightly faster than their natural walk.

In fact the pace that Beefy sets is pretty much faster than everyone's natural walk, as Sainsbury's CEO, Justin King was finding out.

Justin had actually won a day on this walk in a charity auction but there was nothing charitable about the first hill of the day.

The collections on the road were good again as the presence of the Police horses slows up the traffic.

So what's it like 'on the road' with the legendary all-rounder?

Every four miles the crew mobile-home/kitchen, (nick-named the Tardis because it appears out of nowhere) offers a selection of snacks and drinks for all the walkers.
Greggs the bakery are  one of the walk sponsors and so their superb sausage rolls are always available!

Beefy on the other hand doesn't eat a thing while walking. He sips water and the odd energy drink,  and that's about it.

There have always been rumours of a so-called rocket fuel, made up of Orange juice and a traditional Mexican spirit, that is enjoyed by the walkers towards the end of the longer days. Is this true?

Day 2 is over.


Gary Smith AKA Big Gaz, Legendary walker veteran



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