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Inside view from the Crew - Norwich

Ruth M
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21 Apr 2012


After 23 years the Ian Botham juggernaut rolled back into sleepy Norfolk. Yes it was in 1989 when Sir Beefy last walked through Norwich and it seems little has changed since his last visit.

Having been welcomed by the Lady Mayor, Sir Ian met up with the days local hero Fleur Guyton. Fleur, who had received the all clear from Leukaemia, was walking proof of how far the battle against the illness had come.

Also walking today was Norwich City legend Jerry Goss and Spandau Ballet drummer John Keeble.

But it was another local hero at the front as legendary ghostly Dave 'The Bet' Chisnell led the walking party past the Guildhall and on towards the Riverside Road. There was no sound of Oliver Cromwell's horses racing below the Cathedral grounds.

Even the Norwich Falcon remained in her nest on the Cathedral spire as the walkers followed in the steps of the 15th Century Martyrs along Bishopgate.

As Beefy marched, Gossy jogged and Jonny K rocked, the money collecting began. Car drivers, office workers and pedestrians began to fill the buckets on the way towards Wroxham where Olympic giant Daley Thompson joined us with members of the public who would walk the final three miles with Beefy.

Walking along the Bure Valley Railway the heavens opened but spirits were not dampened. Local supergroup Egypt entertained the crowds at the finish along with a pint of local brewery Humpty Dumptys special  brew 'Give it some Humpty'.

Sir Ian gave autographs and met the public who had walked. Then the  Beefy juggernaut began to pull out of Norwich. 

As the wheels crossed the border into Cambridgeshire the county returned to normal and Norwich went back to sleep. Maybe for another 23 years.

Dave 'The Bet' Chisnell.  

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