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Inside view from the crew - Sheffield

Ruth M
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18 Apr 2012

Day 5. Sheffield City Hall

Its 9.50am and Beefy meets todays Local Hero Lucas.

What a boy!

He has been having treatment for a year, and has three more years to go. A genuine inspiration and meeting the Heroes and their families before setting off is always very moving for us all.

Beefy has walked in Sheffield before. We all remember the hills. They go on forever!

They haven't flattened them yet. They are just long, long, long. The actual truth about hills is that they are more comfortable to walk up, than walk down... in moderation.

Going downhill shakes you up! Rattles your knees, and leaves you walking like a puppet.

The walk to Longshaw Estate took us from the city centre to the summit of Black Moor. A climb of lots of feet. But the challenge of the day was still to be done.

Adventurer Bear Gryls would not have felt out of place.

The 4 mile yomp was the most challenging public walk that Beefy and the boys have ever done. There were paths, steps, rocks and stones, and none of it flat.

However, the public turnout was brilliant,  and after everyone had returned from the assault course (public walk), Beefy took  time for photos and autographs with all the children and their parents. The weather was kind to us again.

The hilly Day 5 is finally over.

Big Gaz.

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