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Involve your company or club

Caitlin Ashdown
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17 Feb 2015

Here in the South East we're aware that supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research doesn't have to be by raising money alone or purely by holding a fundraising activity. 

There are countless ways that you can support us, one of which is encouraging the company you work for or the club you’re a member of to raise money for us. Here are a few ideas of how you can do this:

  • Charity of the year: find out whether your company or club chooses a charity to support each year, and what the process is for choosing the charity. Could you suggest us? We’re always here to help with an application or if you need anything to support your suggestion.
  • Hold an event: ask whether you can hold a bake sale, a dress down day, or a sweepstake. These are great fundraisers and really help to get colleagues or club members involved.
  • Matched funding: after holding your event find out whether your company matches your donation – this is a great way of increasing your fundraising!
  • Talk at your local club: if you’re not a member of a local club like the WI or Rotary then why not do a bit of research and find out if there are any local to you – they love having guest speakers so we can help you go and give a talk about your experience as well as a bit about us.
  • Get a team of colleagues together to take part in an event: We have lots of exciting events that you can take part in – it’s a great way of bonding with colleagues! Get in touch to find out what you could do.
  • Payroll giving: This is a scheme that enables you to give to us straight from your gross salary (before tax is deducted), and to receive immediate tax relief of up to £5 for every £10 donated. Find out whether your company is set up with this.

If you need any more information on any of the above or have any more ideas of how to get involved then get in touch: I'd love to hear from you! 



Top blog Caitlin! As you say there are so many more ways that people can get involved that doesn't involve running the length of the country. Payroll giving is a really good one for those that want to contribute but don't have time while it would be amazing to attract more corporate support.