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It is all a bit more real now

Michaela D
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29 May 2014

Better get fundraising!


Run to the Beat - September 2014 - Place booked and confirmed

Brighton Marathon - April 2015 - Place booked and confirmed

London to Paris Cycle Ride 2015 - TBC

Oh my! Things are all becoming a bit more real! I am determined to raise the profile of blood cancers and to spread the awareness message. I am already thinking of what I can write on my shirt- I think I might need a 'Survivor' written on there somewhere. I want people to see that having blood cancer doesn't mean life stops. For me, I am rediscovering myself and learning to live again.

Today I sat round my friends. We sat beside her pond and we took pleasure in watching the tadpoles and counting the frogs. Everything seems so much more beautiful now. I enjoy such simple pleasures. I love to be free. We popped to the garden centre and I think I brought every single orange plant. I have a thing for orange (it comes up on google as the leukaemia awareness colour!) and I like to watch the new life grow. I brought myself a tree for my years remission date. I couldn't find an appropriate orange one so I brought a Cherry Blossom. They symbolise new awakenings and new beginnings. It will grow stronger as I do and it will spread as I spread my message.

I am currently bike and running clothes shopping. So much out there and I need to get it right!


Michaela x


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