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It must be Christmas, we had rain deer!

Trevor J
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30 Dec 2012

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a happy New Year. I have been quiet for a couple of weeks as far as blogging goes, but I have still been out on the bike.

We spent Christmas at mum's, like every year, when you have the best cook in the world as a mum it would be unthinkable to do anything else. So plans were for me to cycle, only fifteen miles, and meet my wife and son there who would drive (very sensible).

Over the last few weeks, like everyone else, I've found rain has become the norm and seeing wet ground and only a few drops falling from the sky I was undeterred. How wrong can one man be? I set off on my normal route without a thought of the torrents that had fallen over the last couple of days.

This was a big mistake as two miles in I use a road called "Watery Lane" a big clue you would have thought, and yes you know it, road closed: flood.

"I'm on a bike," I thought, "I can ride through a flood." So going past the closed signs with a sense of adventure and feeling brave I turned the next bend to where the flood began. Looked OK to me, so off I set holding to the right where it was shallow. I knew where it usually flooded and was anticipating that after this next bend it would be clear. Not this time, after the bend the water went as far as I could see and as the water became deeper my bravery dwindled. Managing to turn around without taking a swim I decided the detour was probably for the best.

I was soon back on track and enjoying the ride when the heavens opened. Now it was Christmas and the normal way of things are for Jesus to be remembered, today I would probably have been better off with Noah. I have seen it rain but this was biblical and the roads soon run with water. The lanes to Billericay started to resemble rivers and dodging puddles became impossible, I was wet anyway so onward I ploughed without a care in the world.

Thing was there was this Range Rover driver with the same attitude and while traversing one rather large flood across the road he thought it would be in the spirit of Christmas to speed up past me, while creating a bow wave  a power boat racer would have been proud of. I thought I was wet before, dream on. I must be a bit sadistic as I was still enjoying myself and finished my journey with a broad smile on my face. Christmas was great with the family and I am excited by the prospects 2013 hold, Roll on Paris.


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