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It takes more than a croydon mugger to beat me down

rich Castle
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06 Dec 2014

Hi all.

I was on my way home from a night out in the early hours of this morning and at around 2am I was a victim of a failed robbery attempt about 200 yards from where I live. In the melee I sustained a few blows from my assailant and ended up in Croydon University hospital casualty at half 2 n the morning and not leaving until half 6am.with facial swelling, a suspected hairline fracture to my right eye socket which will need a further precautionary check at St Georges Hospital eye unit and buuised facial bones. My right eye is such that I can only see in widescreen so telly settings will have to be changed to letterbox pic lol. My assailant got away with nothing, but police later said he was more successful just after he had a go at me. He has been caught on cctv so hopefully arrrest imminent.

The reason for this post is that having survived blood cancer 2 times seems to have made me more resilient to such trauma. Although I did cry with shock afterwards and am feeling a tad sore, I will not let this incident run my life. Once my boat race has settled back to its ugly self then I'll venture out and in true British stiff upper lip style I shall carry on as normal.

I hope the police do catch this nasty individual and in the event that they do then I'll make my feelings know to the little so and so.





oh dear Rich!! I hope you're ok! L


Rich this is absolutely terrible!

Ellie and I have put together a little care package for you so expect that in the post over the next couple of days. In the meantime rest up and get yourself better in time for Christmas!


Thanks guys. Andy, you and Ellie are awesome. Thank you so much. Now for that pre crimbo beer with you guys. 

Thanks, thanks and thanks again.




Hi Rich,

I'm so sorry to read (and see) about the attack, and I totally admire your spirit and the way you look at life Rich, you're a star and I'm so glad you're not going to let some idiots spoil such a special time of year.

Happy Christmas Rich, I'll have a beer for you!



Oh no Rich, poor you! That must have been really horrible. Well done for getting back up and getting on with things - you're amazing! Sending speedy recovery wishes, Caitlin