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It was just another day in the office !

Paul Lockyer
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20 Nov 2015

I always had a hands on job whether it be manufacturing, fitting, building or plumbing/tank replacement, because of this I thought that being tired all the time was due to the way I worked & played. My daughter owns a horse and we spent many a hour at the stables after work and at the weekends.
When I was diagnosed with Leukaemia it was quite a blow !

Early in 2013 my wife noticed a lump on the side of my neck it never appeared to get any worse, and I probably convinced myself that it wasn't anything to worry about. Moving on I continued working and with my mucking out duties at the stables (excellent therapy sad no more for me), looking back there were times when I needed to sit down for a few minutes. 

In July 2013 I had to visit the Olympic Park to survey some work our company were scheduled to carry out, for health & safety reasons they loaned me a hard hat. After a couple of days I had an irritation in my hair line, not much but enough to bother me.

My wife booked me an appointment to see the Doctor with this problem (which was a fungal infection) whilst with the Doc I mentioned that I had been sleeping for England lately, she suggested a blood test......because of my work & horse duties I eventually had a blood test at 08:00 on Friday 26th July, the day before we were due to go on holiday.....thinking that the result would be back by the time we returnd a week later.... Off I went to work as normal making arrangements on the way with my daughter to meet her at the stables that evening.... By mid day the Doctor's surgery called telling me to return to the surgery at 16:00 that evening, I did as requested and they instructed me to make my way to Basildon Hospital where the Consultant was waiting for 21:00 they had me checked into Haemotology my treatment had begun.... 

So from just going for a blood test at 08:00 I was admitted to hospital and after further blood tests it was confirmed by 20:00 I had T-Cell PLL Luekaemia. Because this happened within a twelve hour period there wasn't any time to worry about the consequences of my diagnosis. 



Thanks so much Paul for sharing your story of diagnosis with T-Cell PLL with us. It's crazy to think that you were diagnosed within 24 hours. It was the same for me when I was diagnosed and meant I didn't really have a lot of time to take stock of everything that was happening. Did you have to start treatment straight away?

It sounds like your doctor was very thorough indeed and I'm really glad that you mentioned the lethargy to her otherwise your diagnosis could have been delayed. Looking back did you have any other symptoms?

I hope everything's going well and look forward to reading your next blog to find out how treatment is going.

Thanks again,


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