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It's nearly time!

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15 Sep 2015

Be Brave Love Life
This has been my wife’s motto ever since she started her treatment to get rid of the Non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer she had under her collar bone. Teresa is now in remission, and we all are, very impressed, happy, relieved and blessed that she was able to receive the treatment that she did. This all comes down to the wonderful research that is being done to slow down the growth or even killing off of the cancer cells.
So, I bought a road bike and Teresa signed me up for the charity event – Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and a ride from London to Paris.
Well guess what? The big date for the big event is now very close – less than 10 days away. The big question is – am I ready to embark on this journey and have I prepared myself enough? I have to admit that when I bought the bicycle in January, I was a little overwhelmed with what I had signed up to do. I mean – cycle 500 km (310 miles) from London to Paris in 4 days. That means 125 km (78 miles) a day, which will take me several hours a day in the saddle on a road bike. The ones who know me, know that I am very competitive and goal oriented. That has actually served me well, because I have been out very regularly on the bike and gradually increased the distance and the time every time. I can easily ride 100 km a day without feeling too exhausted afterwards and looking forward to go out again. That was not the case in the beginning when I cycled about 1 hour and felt drained of energy when I came home.
Some of the highlights of my rides have been Surrey and Box Hill, Windsor and Stockholm. I did bring my bicycle to Sweden this summer and I was very good at using it almost every other day. An injury on both my knees the day before we were going to drive to Sweden scared me and stopped me for about 1 week. I was lucky to only have had some bruised ligaments. Martin Johansson, Mark Pugh and Grant Hill have cycled with me, provided me with guidance, tips and ideas. I am really grateful for their company and their cycling knowledge. It has made my rides easier and a lot more fun. When you are on the bike for 3-4 hours, it is nice to have someone to talk to and someone who can be the front runner that takes the wind.
Two other major highlights were the training day that Bloodwise organised for the London to Paris group. We were coached by rgActive who had cycle coaches that helped us ride 90 km around Surrey. The London Bikeathon with my biggest supporter, Teresa, was amazing. We cycled in the city centre of London with a lot of other cyclists in support of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. I am really proud of Teresa who cycled the 42 km (26 miles).
The biggest highlight is of course your generosity. So many of you have donated to my ride in support of this research and I am truly humbled and grateful for the wonderful support. Thank you very much!
I have truly enjoyed my training and all the gear that “you have to have” when you are cycling. The cycling has become something that used to be fun to something that is great. I have found out so much about endurance and what I am capable of doing, I have met so many new friends and I can do that in support of something much more important – to try and find a cure for Leukaemia & Lymphoma cancers.
I am starting my ride in Greenwich Park on the 17th of September very early in the morning with 249 other cyclists and cannot wait for it to happen. I will definitely suffer a bit, but I know now, that I will enjoy every single kilometre of the way and know that I can do it.
Every donation gives me an energy kick and it goes towards valuable research. Please help to fill up my energy levels for the big ride by donating just a little bit. If you want to help, please donate here:…/be-brave-love-li…

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