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Jack Burnett's story

Matilda S
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12 Dec 2011

Jack Burnett was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in July 2007 when he was four years old.

Because of his age at diagnosis and the type of leukaemia he had, Jack stood a good chance of being completely cured.

Jack Burnett was one of the 2,000 children given the MRD test while it was still at the clinical trial stage.

Jack’s mother Erika recalls: “When Jack was diagnosed, his blood contained 97 percent leukaemia cells and he was immediately placed on extremely aggressive chemotherapy. During his initial treatment, Jack refused to talk, walk and even see visitors. He would beg us to make them stop the treatment, it was a living nightmare.”

After the initial round of intensive chemotherapy, Jack was given the MRD test. The results showed that he had responded well to treatment, and that he was at ‘low risk’ of a relapse. This means doctors were able to reduce his treatment.

Thankfully Jack finished his treatment in August 2010, which was a complete success and he is now back at school.

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