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January 19th

Sandy M
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19 Jan 2015

My first post as I build towards Paris in September

It was a beautiful day in Kanton Luzern and snow was scattered like white sands on the Alps, were it not for the temperature sitting at -4 degrees, the blue skies could have been in the Caribbean.  I puffed my way out of Hochdorf to Balwill with the idea that “Winter Miles” will truly bring me “Summer smiles”.  My motivation for today was the idea of just getting home tonight, perhaps clocking up my fastest speed of the year as with my extra winter kilos, I should be able to get up to the illusive 60 km/h.  Last Friday I just got my first donation for the L&L ride, a tidy 300 CHF from my colleague Ken, so very glad to finally have got underway in raising some cash.
I reckon that my upcoming rides will be full of ideas for how I can actually get about to raising the rest of the monies that I need.  I look over at my colleague Shawn, who I know to be of the most generous souls and think how much I can tap him up for?  I fear I am now going to fall into the routine of having to view all those I meet as potential sources of donations and will have to do my best to keep a thoroughly entertaining blog to merit their support.  I am only sad that I have already had my falling of bike into flower patch experience last year, so perhaps this year I will go by and honour the day.  Otherwise, it would appear that I am going to have to do some charity efforts to raise cash.
In the meantime I will just set some of my own personal challenges the first being my fastest speed, for winter tyres and sub-zero temperatures.  I will keep you all posted.



Hi Sandy,Thanks so much for the update and congratulations on getting in your first donation which sounds like it's given you a renewed impetus to get out on the bike. Did you manage to get up to 60 kph?Good luck with the rest of your training and your fundraising. I'm sure you've got lots of good fundraising ideas already but this guide might be useful:

Definitely keep your blog doing - that will help keep your ride fresh in people's minds.



Thanks for the fundraising tips, it is my biggest fear being based in Switzerland, as collecting for charities is not really a common thing over here, but it was indeed great to get my first 300CHF.  I did not crack 60 kph, only made 55 kph, perhaps the fact it started snowing on my way home had something to do with it, I will keep trying!!