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The journey

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01 Jun 2014

A single step repeated many times

Since August there have been many times when the last thing I've wanted to do is either swim, go for a cycle or go for a run. At least I haven't been able to use the excuses 'it's too cold' or 'it's raining' so have had to come up with others. However overall it's been sort of fun. I'm now four stones lighter and ran a half marathon in February quicker than I've ever done one before - no mean feat since it is 30 years this month since I first did the Great North Run. 

Training has been hard physically but in training towards an Ironman I've found the mental side equally challenging. The UAE has some amazing scenery but cycling along one kilometre of long straight road is much the same as cycling along another kilometre of long straight road or running along a long straight road. More than once I've asked myself why I'm doing this and the question has been asked by those around me.

Each time when I go out I think of the last few hundred metres of the race. Today 20th July seems a lot closer as my calendar says 1st June. In seven weeks I will take on the 2.4 mile swim, the 112 mile cycle and then a nice little 26.2 mile run but be thinking in Kilometres where the numbers are bigger but distances between them shorter. 

My jouney started with a single step. In my mind I've climbed mountains, I've seen the finish line in my mind to help get me through the last few hundred metres of training sessions. Yes, I could have done more training but each step counts and each step gets me closer to the real finishing line.

As for 20th July, if it rains I'm in trouble.... I don't do rain. We had some a while ago - I think it was about November.

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