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June's training

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22 Jul 2015

During the week of the 15th June, my work were doing cycle themed charity event, with each mile completed by an employee going to an overall total, as well as an exercise bike being in the reception area for employees taking it in turns to complete 15minutes on the bike.

With annual leave on Friday (my 30th Birthday) and a need for the car on the Wednesday for work.I decided that I would cycle home Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I also took my turn on the exercise bike on Monday and Tuesday.

The first ride, I had another Garmin technical issue, forgetting to start it for about 10km.




June didn't get off to the flying start that i anticipated. So I decided that i would have to do something extra to help my training, so from the 21st June, I cut out all alcohol. Not being a big drinker, I can't see this being that challenging, but still thought every little helps.

Keen to vary my training, the following Wednesday, I inline skated to work. It had been a while since I last skated outdoors, and the pavements definitly aren't skate friendly. Was enjoable non the less.


Feeling that hill climbing was still a big weakness, and with a lack of big climbs in my training so far, I planned a route to climb North Hill in Danbury twice. Totalling 60km. I started the first ascent, I took it very easy with a basic strategy of maintaning a constant cadence, and not going into first gear. The 2nd time up, I decided to up my cadence by 5 rpm, and therefore use 1st gear on the steaper segments. Once I viewed the ride on Strava, I was suprised to see that teh 2nd effort, which I found the easier of the two attempts was marginally faster.  Therefore a higher cadence strategy will be used on all climbing from now on.


30th June, the short route home from work, this time in the dry, an improved average speed of 29.3kmph.


Making some nice improvements on the bike now, and learning my limits. With the Heart rate displayed on my Garmin, I am able to adjust effort accordingly during the ride to maintain a consistent pace thoughout.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Check back again soon for July's training update.

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