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Jurassic Bitter Beast

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17 Nov 2014

70 miles of Hills and bad weather!!

Yesterday (Sunday 16th Novemeber) I completed the Wiggle Jurassic Beast Epic Sportive. The weather was terrible. Lots of rain! Some roads were flooded and only passable by going slowly. I rode with 3 other friends. Between us we only had one puncture and one leg cramp. Some of the hills on this course are truly awsome. 20% in places but we all got to the top eventually!! We finished the course in four and three quarter hours which I'm happy with. Legs are aching a bit. That's the last event for me this year but I'll carry on the winter training until next season (I've already signed up for a New Forest Sportive). Now..better go and get some more sponsor money from my work coleagues. :-)



Well done Karlos!

I've not heard of the Wiggle Jurrasic Beast Epic Sportive but the name alone sounds epic and the fact that some of the roads were flooded and you were doing 20% climbs in places would suggest it certainly lives up to its name!

Thank you so much for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer with these rides. You've undoubtedly earned a rest after your endeavours this year but it's great that you're already looking ahead to next year. Not sure if you've seen this already but had you considered the Wales Velothon? It's a new event on the roster and offers a 120 km ride on closed roads and some stunning coastal scenery that is something that I think you might be interested in. Here's the link if your'e interested: