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Just a few days to go

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12 Aug 2015

Thoughts a few days before the big day.

Well it's only a few days away from the big ride. It's 26 relatively flat (thank god) miles, but depending on the British weather it could feel like double that.

Fund raising is progressing too. I have sent emails and messages encouraging people to support me. A big thanks goes out to the Drowned Rats Amateur radio group, who have contributed £40 so far. You're awesome, guys!

As the ride is on Sunday, I may make it a reason to eat loads of carbohydrates on the saturday night to "carb load" for the big job on Sunday too :-)

If you're reading this and you have donated already. Thank you. I am doing this for my friends; alive and not, who have been touched by leukeamia, myeloma, and other blood disorders. If you haven't dontated yet, then please consider doing so. 

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