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Keeping up with our Ambassadors

Andy Jackson
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13 Jul 2015

It's been another fantastic month and we're been taken aback by how much you've managed to achieve and your willingness to help out - you've made a big impact! Here's a few examples of how you've been making a difference:

1. Organising fundraising events 

Back in June Mark Noblet held Folk Ont' Moor, a fundraising folk fest in a bid to raise funds to help us beat blood cancer. Featuring a raffle, performances by two award winning acts and a collection on the night, the gig was a huge success and saw Mark raise more than £4000.

What was even more extraordinary about the event was that Mark was able to meet and talk to a fellow stem cell patient who had originally bought a ticket purely for her love of the music and had no idea about the event or the charity!

A huge thanks to Mark and everyone involved in the gig for all their hard work and doing such a brilliant job at raising awareness and funds for the cause.

2. Supporting us at patient events

Anne Freeman
and Tania Dineen-Parish followed up their support at Impact Day by helping us at the CLL Support Association's Patient Day on Tuesday 12th July in Southampton. Their presence made a huge difference as they were able to provide a far more authentic endorsement of the support and information that we offer than we could ourselves. They also were brilliant at talking to other CLL patients and we've received some really great positive feedback which is fantastic!

Huge thanks to fellow ambassadors Nick York and Andy Diss who were also their in their roles with the CLL Support Association who are a fantastic charity that do so much to help CLL patients live well with their condition.

If you're interested in helping out at an event like Anne and Tania please do get in contact with Lizzie at

3. Inspiring Bloodwise Staff

Earlier this month Toby Peach came to head office to talk to us about his experiences with blood cancer. For those of you that don't know Toby he's been in remission for five years now and decided to write a show, 'The Eulogy of Toby Peach', which is all about life with Hodgkin lymphoma. 

Toby has performed the show at the Edinburgh Festival to critical acclaim and blew us all away. Here's a clip of Toby talking about the show on London Live which I hope gives you a bit more of an indicator of what it's all about:

Off the back of Toby's brilliant performance which left everyone feeling even more determined to beat blood cancer we're very keen to get more of you to come in to talk to the wider staff base about your experiences.

A huge thank you to Katie Ruane who has already volunteered her services to come and speak to us in August.

4. Raising awareness & supporting others

Whether it's been online or face-to-face you've continued to do a fantastic job at raising awareness and supporting patients. Brett Grist was in touch to tell us about how he'd been in touch with someone whose grandson had just been diagnosed with AML to offer support and let them know about the support that we can offer.

Louise Smith and countless others (you know who you are) are also doing a fantastic job of engaging with other patients and family members on our Facebook posts. Never underestimate how much of a difference that this can make as comments like this I hope illustrate: 


A special mention must also go to Anna Mamwell who on top of helping to organise a charity golf day (which raised more than £5000), preparing her for a ball later this year and supporting her friend in her efforts to sell her brilliant Bloodwise candles also found the time to speak to her local football club about her experiences with AML and her role as a Bloodwise Ambassador.

5. Sharing your blood cancer experiences

Lawrence Trace
very kindly allowed us to share his fantastic blog about his experiences of stem cell transplant with the NHS Blood and Transplant Service who were looking for case studies to help them encourage others to sign up as stem cell donors.

Sam Farr and Aileen Lamb also wrote fantastic blogs which we went on to feature on our Facebook page. Again, we really cannot state just how valuable being able to share patient experiences is for as they do so much to raise awareness and provide real inspiration and comfort to others currently going through treatment.

To give you an idea of just how much of an impact the blogs can have on Facebook Aileen and Sam's posts reached 45,000 people and helped us generate engagement and conversation with more than 100 patients and/or their family members

If you haven't seen the posts yet they're well worth a read as were celebrating significant milestones. For Sam it was her 'cancerversary' to mark a year since her stem cell transplant while Aileen was celebrating a delayed wedding anniversary after having to put off her initial trip to Islay last year due to her AML. 

Huge congratulations to them both!

If you're interested in writing a blog for us to share on Facebook to help raise awareness and support other patients send us an email at and we'll send you some further instructions on how to get started.

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